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PEFC Certification

Holders of PEFC Certificates are required to undergo an annual audit to the latest standard.

The system is implemented via a Chain Of Custody (COC) which ensures that details of our timber are linked to its sources upstream in the supply chain. 

Auditor: SIRIM-QAS International Sdn Bhd

License Number: PEFC/34-31-173

Click on the Details tab for more info on the PEFC website.

Legality Assurance System

Issuance of MyTLAS, a timber legality assurance system that was originally implemented in accordance with the Timber Regulations as a consequence of talks with the EU on the basis of the Forest Law, Enforcement, Governance, and Voluntary Trade Partnership Agreement (FLEGT-VPA) (EUTR). 

As of 1st of January 2022, this certificate is now available for all exports of Peninsular Malaysian timber. 

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